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Mini Me

My mother recently brought her old scrapbooks over and I came across this picture of me – a long time ago!

I sat and looked at it, allowing myself to try and remember being this little person. What was I thinking? What did I want to be? How did I see myself?

I know I wanted to care for people, with sights on being a nursery school teacher. I know I made my poor little sister, when she was old enough (only 5 years different), call me mummy! Quite odd when walking into a shop at 7 yrs old and a 2 yr old calling me mummy – bless us. I was so desperate to be a mother even then.

I know I was in a hurry, in a hurry to live. Hence the name ‘Holly Hurricane’. Building newsagents, travel agents, shops, beauty parlours, cleaning services at home, before I hit two digits. Feeling so emotional and maternal today to my younger self and all I care for.

It’s amazing this journey, isn’t it? Reflecting at old photos and trying to remember how you felt. Can we learn something about who we are now, when taking a trip down memory lane? Maybe to be our true selves? Make our younger versions of ourselves proud? Who knows. But it was nice to remind myself who I was.

Dig out some old photos – I highly recommend it!

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