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Mini milestones

Too often, we race through life like sports cars in a tunnel, one view in sight, focused on achieving the big stuff – that dream house, a better balance, making more money, finally booking that bloody holiday ✈️. As brilliant as those end goals are, it’s easy to forget the little things along the way which make that journey so bloody beautiful. I call these my ‘milestone moments’, they can be as ‘big’ as launching Holly & Co and what that felt like, or as ‘small’ as finally organising my desk (relief!) or giving that gift to my neighbour and watching their face! They all make, however small, a big difference to me.

On another note, of enjoying and savouring this journey, I’m trying to stop and smell the roses ? more often too (I know I bang on about this!); whether that’s spending five more minutes in bed talking to Harry, walking the long way home, or taking time to eat a proper lunch; I want to enjoy each day to its fullest. I want the to try and make myself focus, on the little moments, the milestones that make up this wonderful path we’re travelling.

What ‘little’ big things will you be celebrating today? ✨

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