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Missing Piece

What am I missing? It’s a well known feeling we all get, realising that something’s not quite right in our business. So, it’s good to know that never having something missing in your world, along with striving to achieve a work/life balance – is almost impossible.

You’ll need to accept you’ll always have a slice of the cake missing, as much as you’ll never reach utopia in the struggles of balancing the two sides of your life! We’re all looking for that ‘tick’, that moment, where everything is just tickety boo and we can relax a little. But, because we’re so obsessed with getting to the finish line, we’re almost always frustrated with the missing gaps.

The moment you plug one crack in the dam, just like clockwork, another leak will sprout. So today, (if you can) use this post as a moment in time, where you realise you’ll always have something missing and if that’s the case, start to re wire the frustrations that come alongside with this knowledge. It’s time to throw away the angst, as no one can live happily like this.

I used to be obsessed with getting to this place of peace. Where all was in place, the machine was running smoothly and only then, did I think I’d be able to feel happiness or that I had time to concentrate on the ‘bigger picture’ stuff. How wrong I was. The trick is learning to accept it will never be neat and that’s okay. Getting to a place where you smile at the non completeness. It’s this very makeup that gives you a ‘stamp’ of being a fast moving small business.

Your acceptance will create a positive, permanent column on the ‘to-do list’, entitled ‘What’s missing’. And remember, the halo effect of this new way of thinking, is knowing you’ll never stagnate and your business will always be in good health. You’ll always be adding fuel, building and caring for it’s future.

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