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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mummies out there. I had to share what Harry and the girls have been working on in secret – how lucky am I? And, yes it’s quite early to be looking this ‘ready’, but in true mummy style, I was looking after Harry all night who had nightmares after I allowed him to watch a ‘zombie’ film!

I love this pic, as it reminds me how big, but still small Harry is – all at the same time. It got me thinking about my other ‘child’ and how big/small it is too. Of course I’m referring to, who will turn 10 this year. My son is practically the same age and so when I look at him, I reflect and see the journey that he and I have taken, and the journey we’ve got coming up and realise that businesses just go through the same growing pains.

You realise what a bonus it is being a female in business and what a privilege it is to nurture a business to life; delicately tendering to it as it takes it’s first breath and steps. That knowing every hair on its head is your job. It’s a job you do 24 hours a day but you don’t resent it, as it makes you complete. You love it, care for it and wipe away its tears when it falls. You watch so proudly as it does something for itself for the first time and encourage this independence.

So on this special day celebrating mummies, I also wanted us to realise that if our businesses could send you a Mother’s Day card, it would. Thanking you for caring for it, as much as you care for your other children. It would praise you for not treating it differently because its appearance is different. That your love seems not to have any boundaries and what it is today, is down to you and only you.

Thank you to both my children for making me so proud, so happy and so totally full. I walk with my head held high today and assured that my kisses and cuddles mattered. Love Mummy X

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