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Mothers Guilt

I was away at the weekend and left Harry to fend for his entrepreneurial self. Course Daddy was around, but his business is what the two of us do. So leaving him meant he’d have to get this all sorted himself. Not only all the prep (which is tonnes) but standing on your own for 5 hours alone, selling yourself, your business and batting off those who indifferent – is not for the faint-hearted. Actually, I know many adults who’d rather poke themselves in the eyeballs.
I’m in no way boasting here (although I am incredibly proud), actually I want to wrap my arms around you and tell those who still suffer from ‘mothers guilt’ – it’s the biggest waste of energy. I’m here to tell you, once and for all…it’s time for you to REWIRE!
You see, I felt it. I cried myself to sleep, I sobbed in the office, I missed his first steps and nativity plays. I was not, and I’m still not, at home lots. But I did something no one would have done for my son – I gave him the example that he’ll ONLY rely on in the future. You see, the world in the next 20 years is NOTHING like we’ve experienced. It’s the 4th Industrial Revolution. No one will have a 9-5 job. A fixed income. They’ll freelance – which means they need to understand what entrepreneurialism is as an essential, like cooking! They have to know what REAL hard work looks like. They need so very much an example because our current education system is NOT doing this.
So, you can feel guilt, or you can be proud of what you are giving them. Like really PROUD! Take them along the journey by explaining ‘quality vs quantity’ of time. You can bring them into your work. Ask them to help. Encourage them to build for themselves. I for one, feel no guilt anymore and haven’t for years. Because I have a young man who fended for himself and had a successful day. What he has witnessed, what he’s been part of has moulded him. I’m so proud. And equally of his new market stall banter of “Buy 1 for the price of 2 and get another one for free!”

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