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Motivate your team

It’s all too easy to forget what you’ve built and remember that it used to be just you. At the end of the day, a small business is a team, and this team (however small or large) joined because they believed in what you created. Unintentionally your days and the ‘never ending’ list, starts to create an invisible distance between the mother hen and her chicks.

I was reminded of this uncomfortable ‘real’ truth and started to understand how I had the power to brighten peoples days and recharge low batteries all around me. I had allowed my own insecurities and low self esteem to get between us. I realised that it was never too late to get to know someone better and the simple question about their mother’s birthday or why they liked a certain band or food, could create disproportionate amounts of goodwill. Holding eye contact with someone, so that they felt they had my undivided attention whilst they spoke, filled their hearts and my own.

Once I started to feel the change I could make to others, I started to listen to my heart more and would find myself telling someone publicly that I thought they were amazing. Sometimes I’d go as far as standing up, stopping a meeting and giving someone a huge hug (I love hugs). Too often we forget that small things, can make big differences and those acts can utterly empower the people who look up to you. It’s very possible that your heartfelt gestures can be the megaphone of empowerment. Why not seize this Monday morning and tell someone who gives you their all, how much you couldn’t and wouldn’t want to do this journey without them!

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