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I was flicking through some old pics the other day, and came across this one. I stopped, and took myself back in time, to when the word ‘mumpreneur’ was just being established. I was never really that in love with the word, but also didn’t hate it. It just doesn’t feel like it sums up, what was happening and has happened, properly. That women have been able to transform their lives thanks to the internet, but more, a mind shift.

Of course the internet and @notonthehighstreet have allowed work and effort to be efficient. If you think about the world without this marketplace and the 100’s of millions it has pumped into a relatively small group of hard working creatives – you can’t really match it with any other business out there. I am immensely proud of this. Platforms like this, have allowed us to develop a way of thinking and living. 

We’ve been able to merge lives, and it works. We can have a family and a successful business. We can go for a run (not me, but I bet someone does!) mid-day. We can look at self, work and family and somehow figure it out. This merging, successfully sometimes, has allowed us to vocalise the importance of this new tapestry, and thus strive for it. It’s why Holly & Co gave these businesses a new ‘non gender specific’ title – The Good Life Companies. Because, if you can combine these three elements, it’s a pretty good life. We can finally be our fullest version of our selves. 

And, there’s an amazing halo effect  that comes from these wonderful creations. We are inspiring and teaching the next generation what it means to work hard, be committed, be creative, make a living with your talents, failing and recovering, how to make money, how to grow a business, how crying as a business owner is fine, what ‘joy’ is and how to be your ‘full’ self. Just a few lessons we are teaching, without even realising it. I adore this pic of little me and little Harry, and the journey we’ve been on so far. Long may I have a ‘Good Life Business’ and the ability to shine a beacon on a new way of living, for my beautiful son.

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