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My Ikigai in our world at Holly & Co

It’s a common occurrence that on a Friday or Saturday I feel utterly shell shocked! In a good way (if that’s possible), due to having weeks that should be months! I used to find myself keeping myself away from the jobs that seemed like they shouldn’t have been mine.
Let me explain. CEO, Chairwoman, Ambassador, Founder etc… these titles and roles come with great pressure and responsibility. You’re in a place where you conduct an orchestra, but you can’t play the violin yourself. And if you did, ‘people’ would feel very uneasy. They’d question your management style, your ability to ‘let go’ the scalability capabilities of your organisation. Leaders don’t get dirty!

But my new era, my new environment and the team who are the wind beneath my wings, helped give me permission to play the violin, without questioning the way we work. They saw, how when I’d plucked a cord – how deeply happy it made me♥️. A forbidden fruit for soooooooo many years – maybe my whole career. My violin, my music, my Ikigai in our world at Holly & Co, is creating atmosphere. And as a product, retail-aholic…. that means those shelves are nectar to me. The shop space is a stage and I adore bringing magic to life.
This book is just one of my all time favourites, and for anyone who’s not read it – you have to. I did it in a day and was very ‘put-down-able and pick-up-able’. It’s about finding your flow in life in all areas and letting go and going there. It’s based on 1000-year-old philosophy ‘Ikigai’ in Japan, that they still practice today. It is something that now has profoundly changed my life and I hope it might do the same for you

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