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My Totem Animal

I never imagined a world in which I would become a bird lover. For such a long time I couldn’t understand why anyone would be excited by these animals, let alone spend time following them, or taking up ‘twitching’!

Now, you won’t find me with my binoculars, but you’ll find me surrounded by so many references to these magnificent beings. And why? Well for me, they’re my totem animal. They represent so many things that I believe in – they just keep going, they’re perfect just as they are, they fly out of cages, they don’t stop working hard, they’re multi talented, they see the world from a different perspective, they work collectively and so on.

I know it might sound strange and all a little ‘out there’, but I have no fear now being who I truly am. Seeing the world through other eyes, well I can’t recommend it enough. Mother Nature is the smartest entrepreneur I know. Looking at life through these feather lenses, has taught me much. My hummingbird, made by my adored Zack McLaughlin from Paper And Wood has helped my life more than one could think. Does anyone else have totem animal that has helped them?


  1. Donna Enticknap

    i love those birds by paper and wood. i've been wanting one of his owls for a while now... but that hummingbird is beautiful! my totem animal has to be a fox. i was fascinated by them as a child, and drew them obsessively. and i still do. not sure there was any conscious choice involved there. anyway, hello. I'm new here.

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