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The power of belief

In what has been a crazy, diary-balancing-act, back to back meetings kind of week, I am reminded of the small but mighty team that Holly & Co is. How every time we face seemingly insurmountable challenges we adapt and find a way as a team to make it happen. I’m not saying this to big up my team (although they are pretty bloody fantastic) but because I think it’s important for small businesses to realise their strength in being just that – small.

You see, your ambition does not need to reflect the size of your team. Your dreams, vision and future plans should never be restricted by how small you are – actually, the hardest thing is knowing, where you are going! But once you have that vision you can build into it, figuring out what and who is crucial to its success, staying nimble whilst achieving your biggest dreams in the most efficient way possible. And when you don’t have the capacity to take the traditional approach (bums on seats!), it forces you to forge a new path, to cut the bullshit and find the most direct route to your end goal.

The power in this approach can set a small business on a rocket launcher of progression and growth. But it’s not always the most comfortable place to sit – you have to continuously question what you’re doing and whom you are doing it with. I truly feel, being financially stretched to grow, but not seeing that as a blocker, is one of the healthiest vitamins a business can take.

I had this gorgeous flag made up by Alice Gabb with my favourite Margaret Mead quote and it hangs behind me in the office where we all see it each day, to be reminded of what we are doing and keep our eyes on the bigger picture.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.

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