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Night Owl Letterpressed Notebook by Pop Press

Night Owl

Each year, I dedicate one post to those who will be burning the midnight oil, to make sure all their customers are happy this Christmas. These are the secret armies of small businesses who burn the candle at both ends. The ones who use the night to grow, while others sleep  I know some of you are on your knees and the thought there is still a week of it left, brings you heartburn. But remember, for every order you are sending out, not only are you bringing joy, but you are buying the attention of a customer, who might come back. For every dispatch note you print out, you are hopefully buying the potential of repeat business. So give it everything you have. Add the little touches as I promise you, you will thank your December self in the first half of next year! You know you can do this, you’ve done it before and you will do it again. This is what this rollercoaster is all about. But know this, I am fucking proud of you all X

Thought you might like the new notebooks (link in the bio) that have landed in our shop – hand printed by Pop Press in Nottingham, these letterpresses spiral bound notebooks are perfect for jotting down those late night ideas and genius plans that only seem to come either whilst up all night with the Christmas rush, or when in a lovely deep sleep the rest of the year! Enjoy XX

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