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Nomophobia is the official term for the feelings of anxiety or distress when not with their phone: derived from no-mobile-phone-phobia.

I think I may be one of these people? Checking inbox at 11pm last night in bed, then onto a certain ‘pane of shame’ just to check the world hadn’t blown up. Then as I open my eyes, I’m turning off my mobile alarm, check my inbox and post I’ll be writing today. I text the various lucky people ‘morning’, make tea, check it again and now, I’m typing this post on it!

Or, is using technology around me, enhancing my life by giving me knowledge and tools? When I think back to my holiday, I used my phone for sporadic work (meaning I didn’t have to go back to the hotel), I listened to enlightening podcasts and wrote my posts (which is one of my loves – to write). So I wasn’t anxious to be on it, just happy to have the tool of tech next to my sunscreen. But would I have left it in the hotel room? Ahhhh – I am feel anxious just thinking about it – so maybe I am a nomophobic person.

They’ve carried out surveys to find out how bad it is all getting, and it’s not good! In a study by the UK Post Office /YouGov, it was found that about 58% or British men and 47% of British women suffer from nomophobia. In the US, it’s worse! 65% of people sleep with their smartphones. And 34% of college students admitted to answering their cell phone, while being intimate with their partner!

In conclusion 66% of adults suffer from nomophobia. This is not good! What do you do? You can imagine…start to train the brain, it’s okay! Life continues as it once did, without this rectangle. Have weekends where the phone lives upstairs? Watch TV with the phone in the other room? Sleep in a non tech room? I’m going to think about all these things quite seriously. As I need to set examples. Only this morning, to make that tea, I found Harry lying on the sofa watching bloody vines and asked him if he ever put his phone down? He looked at me and and laughed! There I was, walking into the kitchen, with my head into my phone! He had a point!

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