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Notes to strangers

By now, I’m sure you’re all familiar with the colourful work of Notes To Strangers. The bright idea of advertising creative, Andy Leek, Notes To Strangers was a project he started after experiencing a mental health issue. Andy says, “I decided to try to help strangers that might be having a hard time. To make my commute more interesting, I started putting positive notes in copies of the metro and leaving them for people to discover, and so Notes To Strangers was born. There is no place more miserable than a packed commuter train, so I thought this would be a great place to inject a bit of positivity.”

I just love the concept of this. Commuting can be one of the most soul destroying and miserable things to do (especially in London; an hour of having your face in someone’s armpit isn’t the best way to start the day). For me, Andy is a colourful reminder that little things can have a big impact.

The #notestostrangers hashtag is full of examples of his brilliant notes and posters, which he reposts to his own Instagram, creating what he calls a collaboration of art between himself and strangers. Just lovely.

I was lucky enough to meet Andy and buy this special piece of artwork. Makes me smile every time! 

Thanks for sharing your imagination with the world X

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