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Nothing happens until something moves

Mondays. We only get 52 a year. This made me a little sad, but also got me thinking. What obstacles do I believe I have, which are stopping me making the most of this glorious day? It’s not always the things we can touch or talk to which turn out to be your main blockers. You’re most likely your biggest obstacle! How?

  • Inner voice. We all have them. That nagging voice that comes up at special times and its purpose is to knock you down and squash your ambitions. Call it your ‘Gremlin’ and it lives off your fear. So in order to lessen its power, you must simply ‘acknowledge it’ and by doing this, you’ll instantly cut its power. Remember he comes out when you’re confident, focused and charging forward with purpose.
  • Assumptions. You know what they say about them?! So if we’re aware, how come we can assume so much about ourselves. Remember an assumption is something that you can not prove and it’s always based on the past and not the future. Take an assumption and for one moment disprove it. You see, it’s not always right is it?
  • Interpretation. This is your view on how you see something and that’s all it is. It’s how you see and read the signals of life and I’m sure our perceptions are never always right? Have you ever done that trick where you see a drawing and some swear they see an old lady and some promise you, it’s a young lady? Both are right but they assume the other group are wrong. Both groups just interpreted it differently. Easy to get mixed up.
  • Negativity. This being the biggest of them all, when we tell our inner being we can’t do something. I know this one and also respect the power of combating it. Ask yourself how true your belief is? What proof do you have? What could you do to disprove it? Just try something today that proves one of your limitations, is in fact not that at all, but a big fat opportunity.

Why not, on this special unique Monday, get rid of some inner clutter and embrace more of what life has to offer you? Remember, nothing happens until something moves.

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