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Notice what you notice

It’s a simple statement suggesting that what we pay attention to, makes a difference to the quality of our day and ultimately our lives. And, guess what, it’s so true!

Our minds are designed to notice the same things. We all have a filter through which we see life and our brains are trained to search for the evidence that supports our views. If our filter tells us ‘life is hard’, our extraordinary brain will concentrate only on the evidence it finds to support this viewpoint.

On the other hand, if you believe the glass is half full and life is good, our minds search for events and situations that prove this to us. Of course, life is full of the evidence to support both viewpoints – half full or half empty, as they exist simultaneously. But, the beauty here is we get to decide what we notice. We get to decide which type of filter we see life through.

Knowing this is liberating, as once you become aware of how our brain works, we can change our lives by paying attention on the things supporting our desires, dreams and a possible new way of thinking.

Notice what you notice today. Is it what you want to notice or do you need to change your filter?

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