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Obsessive creative disorder

There is no denying it, I think we all have a trait that bonds us all – the utter need and  the addictive compulsion to get something ‘creatively just so’. The love, enjoyment and passion for being so clear, in our creative outputs. Normally I’d give tips on how to maybe get over, what feels like a disorder, but kept under control, I’ve learnt it’s actually your secret formula! A few thoughts:

  • Positively Obsessed: Obsession is always used negatively and of course negatively obsessed, isn’t good. But, you can be overwhelmed with a feeling that won’t go away that’s positive.

  • Definition: Insistent, persistent thoughts, ideas that are extremely difficult to ignore, that compel you to act, and that connect you to your goals and values. Makes us feel alive and human.

  • Mozart: When he was younger, his compositions weren’t anything special. He was a good musician, but wouldn’t stand out compared to today’s top music kids. He had the same thing Tiger Woods has, the ability to focus for long periods of time and a need to reach his potential.

  • Avatar: James Cameron’s attention to detail had him hire a university linguistics professor to create a functioning language for the tribe of blue aliens on Pandora! Brilliantly obsessed.

  • It’s Just Necessary: Creative obsession is proven to be more or less a necessary element of creative achievement. The absence of positive obsessions can lead to long periods of blockage, repetitive work and can bring on feelings of meaningless.

Granted we need to delegate to move forward, scale or to stop ourselves burning out. I’ve now concluded though, and being this way inclined myself, you just shouldn’t fight it. If kept ‘in check’ it makes people special. It makes you able to create what others can’t. It gives you the magic.

Don’t apologise for it and don’t hide it. You’re a creative, crazy genius!

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