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Our feature in You Magazine

I’m very, very proud of our little company today, as we’ve secured our largest piece of press so far! Thank you You Magazine for all of your support. It’s because of press like you, that new dreams are shared and strengthened. 

When we launched back in 2006, we were blessed with You Magazine supporting us, so this just feels like a beautiful Groundhog Day. It is a seriously incredible article. 

We have eight pages talking about our journey to build a new platform that shines a light on the movement of artisans. A place where you can connect, collaborate and be inspired. Somewhere that is dedicated to the dreams of those thinking about building a business and a life raft for those dabbling or running their own enterprise. ✨ I feel so blessed and privileged to have my life ✨

I have to shout out to my dearest supporters who you can read about in this piece, as well as in our breathtaking video on the website – click here to head over and watch. 

Now, deep breath! Thank you, dear Sophie of Grain & Knot, Andy of Vinegar & Brown Paper, Florence of Petalon, Kirstie & Patroula of Lily Belle, Lucy & Andrea of Creightons, Nanna of Jerry & Jo, Daisy of Denim & Bone, Catherine & Jamie of Bread & Jam, Zack of Paper & Wood, Reshmi of Anges de Sucre, Amy of Chambers & Beau and Natalie & Daniel of Fred & Noah.


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