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Overcoming Doubt

In life and business, being a woman can sometimes be incredibly difficult. We often have to work harder and speak louder, to get our voices truly heard. I’m sure you will share in my shock when, quite recently, I learned that a staggering 70% of women suffer with imposter syndrome; the ceaseless cycle of self-doubt we sometimes find ourselves trapped in.

It’s that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, the negative voice in the back of your mind. It tells you you’re not good enough, that you’re going to fail; it makes you feel like a fraud in the safety of your own world. I’ve had my own crippling experiences with this demon throughout my life. Whenever I was doing well, it would pipe up and whisper that I was going to get ‘found out’. It made me feel disconnected from myself, and made me feel unsure of my abilities – as a mother, partner, entrepreneur, sister, daughter, friend. And you know what? I’ve had enough of it.

I learned to turn my imposter syndrome into a strength; it’s become the superpower I love to hate. It makes me check things 50 billion times, it forces me to give things 110%. This nagging self-doubt makes me push myself to the limit, and because I call it out, it gives me permission to be wrong. In fact, my imposter syndrome makes me the best version of myself that I can possibly be.

This year, I’m on a mission to call out this imposter in our lives; to help people name it and talk about it openly, to turn it into their own superpower. My hope is that, by calling it out and being honest about our own experiences with it, imposter syndrome loses its hold on us, and stops being a force that holds so many women back; rather, it begins to launch us forward.

So whilst I’m wrapping up this month, all about us girls, I had to write about this – one more time. Please use this post, to recognise your imposter syndrome, call it out and deal with it! Are you with me? Are you ready to deal with the female kryptonite?

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