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Passion List

I have the privilege of meeting so many people and thanks to this, I can place folks in distinct stages of their journey. This is where ‘Dream, Dabble, Do’ came from. One of the hardest stages though is when you’re dreaming, but you actually don’t quite know what about. As in, you know you want to work for yourself and you’re sure that the life you lead right now, isn’t your future. But what is it? What is that thing you’re going to build your future around? It’s one of the hardest points, landing on the idea you want to stick to. And you know what they say – basic is good. The simplest of ideas are normally the right ones. And I believe this is the case when it comes to landing, and being happy, with the idea you dream up. So what’s simpler than writing a list? I call it ‘The Passion List’, where you can note anything and everything that makes your heart sing. This can be people, types of people, industry, categories in industry, feelings, objects, places – it can be anything, but it has to be true. With no worry to how crazy it looks because no one is going to see it. If you haven’t done this, whatever stage – do it! It’s so liberating… and guess what, in those scribbles of your heart – there is your business. Might not be in the right form, but the nugget of gold, your driving force, the love and passion is there. So now, it’s for you to decipher the code and create the business out of passion. But you know what, the hardest part is done! Get that hand moving and open your heart, to the passion of your future.

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