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Time to Pause

This week has been full-on so much so I found myself overwhelmed. When I stopped to think about what had happened on Monday, it felt weeks ago, not days ago! I work hard and sometimes, I know I’ve worked harder than I should have.

In the Holly & Co office, we spent much of January & February trying to get ahead of ourselves and put plans in motion that would unfurl over the coming months, but needed a little rocket fuel to get going. We’re still moving at the speed of light to finish off the ambitious planning plans!

Whilst that is how we work generally (like a rocket!), and I’m always pushing the team to be one step ahead of themselves, it can leave the mini-milestones and achievements uncelebrated as we don’t allow ourselves that moment to peak our heads above water, and appreciate what we see!

I read something interesting recently about how we rarely use the full stop in digital communications – be it text, chat, WhatsApp, DMs… there’s so bloody many and it can be a relentless onslaught of information overload. And to bring it back to basics, a full stop marks the end of one thought, calling for a pause, a breath. Do it now. Pause. Breathe.

I just wanted to remind us all, that it’s as important to look up, pause and see the moments that make this a beautiful journey. So this week’s moments I’m stopping to appreciate are… my Harry has been back in the cafe learning new barista skills! Sweet Scarlett was in the office and she sat at my desk and owned it #futurefemalefounder. My dearest friends who have been going through dark times had a beautiful breakthrough. Two most exciting guests said ‘yes’ to my podcast! Frank and I have belly laughed at the Sopranos cuddled in bed. I recorded a podcast where my bad day was washed away by a guest telling me some lovely things about what I’d achieved, I ended up having a little cry in his arms. I ate so much sushi with my right-hand woman on the tube – it’s our fav thing to do on our work travels. Someone very dear to me told me the most crazily amazing news. My heart exploded with love. Abigail got my package of courage x Tell me which roses you’re smelling?

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