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Personel PR

Something women often find hard to do is Personal PR, and if they are good at it, they’re classed as ‘loud’ or ‘pushy’. And this is something that’s especially difficult to do as a small business owner, because you don’t have colleagues to help raise you up! It can easily feel like bragging or blowing your own trumpet, but doing it right pays off ten-fold. In fact, I think it can even be an antidote to Imposter Syndrome!
You see, one of the prevalent symptoms of Imposter Syndrome is downplaying your achievements; attributing them to luck or the help of others, or simply devaluing them by not acknowledging them. Personal PR is a brilliant way to encourage women to shout about the brilliant things they’ve done!
To be clear, this isn’t a humble brag! It’s about celebrating your achievements and highlighting how they help others. It won’t feel very natural at first, but here are some simple things you can do to improve your personal PR:

1 – If someone pays you a compliment or acknowledges your achievement, don’t play it down! Thank them and talk to them about it, explaining why you were pleased it went well, and how it helped others.

2 – Communicate your progress with others in a way that makes them feel included in your journey/project/role and helps them understand what you do better, so they can appreciate why your achievements matter.

3 – Know that, whether you work for yourself or in a company, your work will not speak for itself. YOU will have to speak for IT for it to have an impact! If you make amazing products but can’t even communicate to someone why they are great, why would they buy them? Or if you do a great piece of work for your boss but don’t even acknowledge it in your team, the praise will ultimately sit with your boss or your team, not you. SPEAK UP and share!
A big tip: blame it on me! Holly told me, that I have to tell people more about what I’m doing well….#hollymademedoit

Try one of these today and I guarantee you’ll get that glowy warm feeling right after! You deserve that!!!

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