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Pledge to Shop Small

Thank you for the most wonderful support in #campaignshopsmall, it’s so good to know we all feel so passionately about the same subject!

You’ll see so many pieces of amazing artwork, created by such talented small business including @stormyknightuk who created this beautiful illustration. It looks like we have so much more, winging their way to our campaign HQ! Thank you.

But, we are but one shop, one dot on the map. The way we all spread this message, is getting out there within our virtual worlds. Our virtual high streets, living rooms and kitchens. The power of social media.

The hand has long been now, a symbol of Holly & Co. Due to the love of the fact, all small businesses have the most powerful tool ever invented, their hands, that they use so skillfully to build, create and make. They build their dreams.

And when you think about it, the use of our hands is a powerful one. A symbol of how much something means to us. From joining a nationality to worshipping our gods.

I ask you to hold up your virtual hand, in this mission to support your fellow small business, the business being dreamt up by your friend or loved one. I ask you to pledge your commitment to this movement of people, who need your support now, more than ever.

Today I ask you to spread the message far and wide. Asking others to do the same, not forgetting #campaignshopsmall

I pledge to shop small. How about you?

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