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Sometimes, when I’m feeling burnt out, I need the weekend to give me time to breathe and restore that wonderful sense of excitement, wonder and clarity that I feel in my work. 

We all know this feeling and it’s not just born out of optimism or positive thinking, it’s an overwhelming feeling that there’s ‘possibility’ in the air. When you can view life and the week coming up as more than a struggle to survive, but an exciting array of challenges and opportunities.

Your thoughts over the weekend, those moments of clear thinking, the genius that sprung up out of nowhere (!), these are all possibilities. Similarly the stuff you dealt with last week, the horrible ‘something’ that you least expected, these too magically can become ‘possibility’. If you drink from the ‘possibility cup’ and ask yourself, ‘what do I know now that I didn’t last week? What positive has come out of this problem?’ You can suddenly turn an inspired thought or negative issue into ‘positive power’.

You’ve got to be disciplined to recognise that in bad situations, lots of this ‘possibility’ stuff becomes available. When others see a dark clouds you can only see silver linings.

You’ve heard of ‘Positive Thinkers’, now there are ‘Possibility Thinkers’. People who train themselves to re-think and re-look at problems and barriers in ways that make it possible to discover the hidden good in them.

What you waiting for? Grab yourself a cup, brew up something strong and sip, dream, think, believe and discover ‘possibility’.

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