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Protect Your Ideas

It doesn’t matter how small your idea is, how unpolished or even ugly it appears today; you need to protect it well regardless. Because, ideas do not come to you fully formed and ready to be shipped. Sometimes they can start as something else entirely. But, if you nurture it and tend to it lovingly, new strands can blossom. Unexpected elements will appear that you’d looked over before.

This was certainly the case, when thinking back to the seedling ideas of NOTHS and Holly & Co. Models were different, brands were not right and marketing ideas, well, questionable! But, I knew their roots were special. That within the workings, within the idea, there was something quite incredible. But it needed to have time to grow. They needed parents, patient to see which way it would flourish. Just like this dandelion, poking it’s way through tough terrain, only to be branded a weed. And yet, who knows where one of those seeds will travel. Where it will land. What it will become (?!)…you see where I am going with this! If you are mulling something over that’s not right, but still keeps poking its head through your metaphoric pavement – give it some space! The odds are, you have something!

Beautiful art by Michael Pederson

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