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independently owned small business

Independent & Proud

I’m so proud that we’ve created this exclusive sticker to champion independent small business. I thought it was about time something was available to anyone who has a physical space and wants the world to know you’re a small business. That you’re the people keeping our communities alive. The ones who get up at silly o’clock and shut too late, just to serve that last customer. If it wasn’t for our beloved Independents, the high street and our society would look a dam sight greyer.

For us all, let’s remember that the most amazing thing we can do, is vote with our money, for the type of world we want to live in. Don’t go to Tesco because it’s easier. Consciously consume and know you have the power to literally change a businesses life. That’s not OTT – just a fact.

Independents, you need to shout from the roof tops and don’t be too proud, to ask for support. Tell people if you need their help or custom. Everyone wants and needs you.

The country relies on those who become independents. I’m one of them and personally back every single small business, who makes our lives so much more colourful out their in our physical worlds.

Please share this post with any independent shops you know and love. Forward on, to anyone with a physical space that needs the community to support them. And hey, if you’re feeling the love – why not buy your favourite little shop a gift! Believe me, you might be the first person ever to show such kindness, so expect tears!

Truly Independently Owned and Operated Window Sticker, £12.00

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