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Proud To Be A Woman

I woke up this morning, in my pink bedroom (a nice Farrow & Ball pink!), with my suffragette inspired wall hangings beautifully sewn with the words ‘Kindness and Virtue’ and ‘Universal Tolerance’, head laying on one of my many Frida Kahlo cushions, looking across at my mantelpiece covered in a mix of The Madonna statues and candles, that’s now next to my new purchase of two signs that read ’empower’ painted in pink and ‘rebel’ within the suffragette colours and I thought….I am so bloody proud to be a woman today.
Even though, thanks to being female, my career has been materially changed due to being a woman in good and also a particularly bad way. That being a woman in this modern world is near impossible at times due to still having the responsibilities of all the homemakers/wife/mothers duties of our ancestors, but now in many cases is handling the once ‘man’ jobs, in parallel. Even though wider society has so much still to do, to give all women parity with men – I just wouldn’t have it any other way. Because I’m here now and I have a chance to make ‘change’. Be part of the story and be part of the progress that we need to make. I get to do this, with my flock of the most talented women/men in my office and the incredible wind beneath my wings within this community. I get to be around people whom I hug and kiss every day, with a joint stream of consciousness to do good. Not scared to mix it all up a bit, to bring colour and excitement to the journey we’re on. To make progress exciting and to insist we celebrate our milestones.
I feel it’s all our responsibilities to understand the sacrifice of so many women all over the world, who made progress inch up the height chart. That we must honour this and make sure, that however small our contribution (or large!), we all take on the challenge to move women forward. We should all be screamingly proud to be women at this point in history. I know I am and thank the gods I am a mother, wife and female business leader here today. Happy estrogen-fueled Sunday all XX

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