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Push Your Dreams To The Moon.

Sitting here and planning the year with the team and it makes you really realise, so many things we dreamt of came true in 2019. Some didn’t and actually everything that fell by the wayside was meant to not materialise when we look back, with hindsight.

But it’s NUTS to think of how some of the reality, part of the usual today, was nothing more than words scribbled into a notepad this time last year. That the unthinkable is real!

You need to remind yourself this when planning the year out – you need to push your dream, your plans to the moon. Start big and you can edit as time goes on…but just know if you do this, you’ll only thank yourself this time, next year! When you go…THAT”S NUTS what I only dreamt of this in 2020 and now look at us (smug face) in 2021!

Go big and create as many loop the loops on your roller-coaster journey as you can!

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