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Put Your Dreams Out Into The World

You may have noticed on today’s episode that we very excitingly have teamed up with our friends at Three again, who we’ll be working with this year to make business dreams come true!

As part of our work with Three, we will be sharing stories of those who have dreamt big and flew. It’s so incredible how many of the phenomenal brands and businesses started with a founders dream. Stories that aren’t often known, are aim is to bring them to life in order for them to inspire you to create your biggest and wildest dreams, and put them out there in the world!

This week on the podcast I share the incredible story of J. K. Rowling, who described her own status as being “as poor as it’s possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless”.

Through difficult times and whilst battling depression, she held on to a burning passion to write and allowed herself to dream of having wildest success.

Have a listen to today’s episode to hear more, it truly is an incredible story of determination and the power of believing in your dreams. J. K. Rowling herself says of dreaming…

You’ve got to believe. I was someone with no self confidence, and yet this one thing – I believed.

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