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Raising strong women

Dear Olive,

Everytime you step into a room, it lights up. Each time you speak, people listen. I know you’re tiny, but as your No 1 fan, I thought I’d drop you a note and see if I can help you carry your magic forward, as you grow up. I hope these tips help you become the strong woman, I know you’ve the potential to be. A firecracker.

1. Never spend more than 1% of your life worrying about the way you look. By all means, take pride and have fun with ‘who you’ll be today’, but if you spend any time sinking into the wormhole of body embarrassment, come and talk to me. We’re born the way we’re born, and very little can actually change. But remember, your body is just a vehicle for your soul and brain. That’s its function and you have far too much to do and share, to let a chubby tummy stop you. 

2. True beauty, is in how you act and carry yourself through life. People are truly beautiful, when their smile warms you up, before they even open their mouth. Make everyone feel how important they are to you – from the doctor’s receptionist, to your mum and your aunt! A good soul, is like turning on a light from within. It shines out of every pore. Concentrate on being a good, wonderful and kind woman – before your lippy colour. Kindness will be your best shade – I promise you. 

3. Never fear being your own biggest champion. If you’re good at something – it is okay to be proud. It’s an art to accept a compliment – but you must. Be bold about what you’re good at, and tell people. You only have ‘you’ in the world, to do your own PR. So in your respectable way, let people know – why YOU are here. What you’re going to do, that no one else can. Because you’re pretty special. 
The world needs girls and women like you, to step into life confidently. To help other women feel better about themselves. To not lose themselves to the pressures of media. I know that you’re one of the strongest forces I’ve ever met. I just know, given the right lessons and tips from what I’ve learnt, you’ll become the most beautiful, strongest firecracker the world has ever seen.


Aunty Holly

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