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Reality of the high street

I started Holly & Co with one vision in mind, to champion and support small business. I opened the Holly & Co Work/Shop because I wanted to know, first hand, what it was like to be an independent on the high street; and wow, it’s been an eye opening journey so far. 

I’m not surprised that so many small businesses aren’t able to keep a physical premises alive in this current climate, when the cards are so stacked against them. It baffles me that a landlords can increase the cost of your rent, depending on the tenant’s success. I mean, where is the justice in another person riding the coat tails of your success, and in some cases, meaning you don’t turn a profit? When you’re small, every penny counts. I was even more shocked to learn about the ‘opt out of the law’ check box on the rental agreements, meaning that this act is actually legal.

Things really need to change across the board, from a grassroots level, right to the top. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but it can start today, in the smallest ways. Shopping with your local greengrocer instead of getting your veg at the Tesco Express, buying your bread from the artisan bakery, your eggs from the greengrocers, gorgeous blooms from the local florist; the list goes on.

When you shop from Holly & Co, you’re shopping from over 200 small businesses whose products we proudly stock. Every pound you spend helps a person who’s following their dream, someone who has poured their heart and soul into your purchase. 

So, why don’t we consume consciously this week? Even if it means, an extra 5 minute walk, a special trip out to the local shops or shopping online with those supporting small – if we made that conscious effort, all of us – it could change lives. Fancy being dream makers this week? 


  1. Stewart Halliday

    Good afternoon Holly Thank you for such inspirational words which I concur with. I am a practitioner of the community-based economy and have set up a community hub from nothing to develop this vision. In addition, we are involved with abundance products by using them to make all kinds of products including apple juice, cider, jams, chutneys, etc.

  2. Holly Tucker

    Hi Stewart, How wonderful to hear about your community hub! I love the idea of the products you create with things in abundance. Thank you for sharing with us! Love, Holly

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