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Rise up, Rise up and take to the streets!

Rise up, Rise up and take to the streets!

The independent small businesses of this country need you this Christmas!

I am so thrilled to launch the collection of artwork created especially for#campaignshopindependent to you all – for free. The most amazing ‘campaigners’ have so kindly dreamt up the most beautiful pieces of artwork, for you to use as you wish, to support this movement.

Why not take to the streets in your local community and raise awareness of how important it is to ‘shop small’. There can just be a few of you, but that image and sharing your energy on social can change everything. Or you might want to hang them in your shop or office – you decide how to use these wonderful creations, all I ask is that you tag us in and share, share, share!

When we took this picture, we’d taken to the streets of St Margarets and I can’t tell you the smiles it raised, even applause and cheering! It allowed people to take a moment to think to take a picture themselves and just get behind, what they already mostly believe in. It was so much fun to do as a team, we even got the local independent butchers to join in!

Enjoy and let’s join in ‘creatively campaigning’ all over the country for all the small businesses who need all the love and support we can give! The link below to a folder on Google Drive:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my amazing ‘camapigners’ – @rebecca_strickson_illustration,@realhackneydave,@lottiefarmer7,@veronicadearly, @veronicadearly, @nicolarowlands and @alicegabb


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