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Running a Family Business

The beauty of building a ‘Good Life Company‘ is, more often than not, it means the entire family is along for the ride. Like it or not! They see the ups and downs first hand. Even better, they can get involved and learn firsthand what it takes to build your own business. If the next generation is watching you build, you’re setting them up for their future in the freelance economy. Where they’ll need to fend for themselves. They’re getting hands on lessons from their nearest. Absorbing and learning everything the education system isn’t giving to them for a future, which looks very different to when we were all growing up.

So nothing makes me happier than seeing this actually happen in real life! Of course my Harry has his own little business, but I’m thrilled to see so many others popping up, due to their parents inspiring them. So I’ve loved hearing all about the entrepreneurial spirit, at my dear @mimsandfamily

Not content with pitching in and watching mum and dad – brother James, Jude and Oliver have launched their own small business @projecticebros. ‘Project Ice’ is a small business that hand makes delicious gourmet ice lollies in South East Kent, where many of their ingredients are sourced. They say “We originally got the idea while on a tour of the USA where gourmet ice lollies are the next big street food following the Mexican Paleta. On our return to England we noticed the lack of gourmet lollies on our streets and that is where the idea for Project Ice was born.” Not content with running @mimsandfamily and @projecticebros, the family are currently in Malawi doing some charity work together. What an inspiration you are Team Mims!

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