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Self Care

There’s no greater feeling than working for yourself, knowing that you’re following your dreams and building your very own ‘Good Life’.

However, the truth is, when you say goodbye to 9-5, you usher in a life of 24/7. With growth and success come longer days and more responsibilities, and you take them all on with grateful excitement, until that excitement turns to exhaustion! Anyone with me?!

You feel like you’re the Duracell battery of your business, that if you walked out of the door, the power just drains and things stop working. So instead, YOU just don’t stop, and your health begins to suffer. Stress, anxiety, depression and exhaustion all become familiar foes, and striking a work/life balance feels about as possible as discovering unicorns on Hampstead Heath. 

I was once given some advice that has stayed with me forever. If you run your own business, you have three things in your life: your business, your family and yourself. You can only ‘do’ two of these at any given time, and guess who never quite features. Here are a few things that have helped me find balance:

  • Learn to delegate: I know this can be a hard thing to do, but if you have a team, learn to fall back on them more. 
  • Take a weekend off: working constantly isn’t good for your mind (she says!), body or relationships, so enjoying a few days off means you can start again happier, refreshed and reconnected. Time with your nearest and dearest is sunshine for the soul.
  • Give yourself a ‘reboot’: for me, this means a day to myself – a good long walk (with Mr Mudley), music, a good breakfast and a peaceful day working and resting. No one to talk to. Just my thoughts and peace.

Protect your wellbeing, and you’ll build a life more colourful and successful than you could ever have dreamed of. After all, you’re the magic that makes your world turn round, so look after you X 

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