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To believe in yourself and feel that you can accomplish any task, no matter the odds or difficulty involved, is the definition of self confidence. How many of you out there can say that you feel that way, every day? I’m not one of those people, but I’m working on it.

When I started Holly & Co, I knew how important it was to tell the story behind the business, so when it came time to shoot the brand film and videos for the website, I was nervous. Being on camera was something that I’d never been comfortable with. I struggle with my self confidence. I battle with feeling ‘enough’; with feeling worthy or beautiful. I compare myself to others and kill my happiness in the process.

Dr Ivan Joseph, Athletics Director at Ryerson University, believes that self confidence is a skill that can be trained, and the key to it is practice.

I’ve spoken before about the negative narrative we all have, the voice that makes you want to quit. So many of us abandon things after the first bit of adversity because failure doesn’t feel good, but failure should be something we don’t accept. There are enough people out there that will tell you that you can’t do something or that you’re not good enough; you don’t need to add your voice to that choir of chaos.

I’m a firm believer that thoughts influence actions, so I encourage you to spend time thinking about the things that make you, ‘you’. Write a letter to yourself in the moments when you feel great about and read it during the times that you don’t. I’ve done this at a few points in my life and it’s quite something to look back and read them now.

So, the photos you see here are of someone who practised – a lot! Self confidence is a skill that I’m still trying to hone. We filmed the videos and, in the end, I was happy. My team actually has an outtakes reel that, while I can laugh at now, which I hope never sees the light of day!

I challenge you all to take some time today to write a little letter to yourself; what are you most proud of? Praise the positive behaviour that you’re looking to reinforce in daily life, because no one will believe in you, unless you do.

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