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Should I Follow My Head Or My Heart?

It’s that age-old question we ask ourselves “Shall I follow my head or my heart?” And however many years pass or the complexity of the choices we face, it still seems to come down to – head or heart?

Surely the tool of the heart should be retired when it comes to business? Real business folk don’t use this instinct to make important choices? And our technical culture and outdated views on who makes good ‘business’ people would have us believe that following the head is the only logical choice.

I’m dealing with a decision that’s monumental in my life and it’s just occurred to me, as I write this post, how ‘heady and hearty’ it all is! The choice deals with lots of money, something I can do instinctively and where my services are truly required. It’s business at the epicentre of my interests. But I take on a great deal of emotional labour (our new hot topic in the Holly & Co offices! More on this next month.) I’ve seen myself jump out of the head side of the bed, to only go to bed on the comfy side with huge heart pillows. I’d flip flop and I think this is the thing, time is required.

If you’re under time pressure to make a choice and you go with ‘heart’, normally it hurts! You know that ‘fuck it’ we say, I think that’s us giving in to the heart, as our brain is hardwired to only remember good things and fade bad memories. So when we make ‘quick choices’ we normally are aiming at that lovely feeling we can remember. But, time is a good thing. Always ask for time. I think it allows the head and heart to meet. Once you’ve had time to sort through all the factors, both rational and irrational, your judgment becomes clearer.

So, in the end, I think the best choices are ones that allow ‘time’ to have its says. Coming from Hurricane Holly – this is something! But it’s true, as the heart and head they end up holding hands and the decision becomes emotionally and logically right. And for me, this has helped me make a very tough choice I know is the right one. Where I’m no longer conflicted and can hand on heart say – this is right for me.

Anyone else going through a ‘head vs heart’ dilemma?

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