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Shape up your business

I’ve decided to read our books again, starting with the most recent – ‘Shape up your Business’. It was created off the back of the ‘diet book’ format and includes a 30 day plan.

I remember this period of my life and my goodness, was it stressful! Like all good things, it all happened at once. We needed to raise money and the second book’s timing schedule came through, they were on top of each other! Writing a book at the same point as closing our largest deal. Cancel ‘life’ for six months!

I was lucky to have a business partner (Sophie) who was a writer. We gathered the book team and decided we’d have to divide and conquer, but it would obviously need my insights and seeing as I was the CEO at the time that was easier to say then do! Trying to run the day to day (p34), help write a book, do Christmas and pull off the biggest deal of the business’ life, was a period that took lots of blood, sweat and tears! But we pulled off all milestones epically and survived!

Reading it again and reflecting, the book must have been cathartic. To tell people the truth in what it took to build NOTHS. The sacrifices (p245), the lessons learnt, insecurities told (p103). Sharing the downs and the ‘off the scale’ ups (p232). Everything from marriage, to visualisation, to the horrific guilt you feel as a mum or the never ending energy of running a team, to the daily pressure to perform. It’s all there; far more than I thought I’d share publicly. It was very important that I was honest, not to give the usual line of ‘I do yoga and make granola bars for the kids at 5am’ that I hear so many women in business say.

I’m so proud of the journey, the book and hopefully my helpful honesty. It’s well worth a read. Although I would say that, wouldn’t I!

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