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Sister saviours

Let’s face it, we’ve all been saved by our sister saviours, helpful heroines; they’re on hand for the late night ‘bad date – ring me and pretend there’s been a family emergency’ texts, the ‘baby hasn’t slept more than 30 minutes in three days!’ messages, and even the ‘but HOW can Donald Trump be president?!’ reality checks. 

The things that make great women even greater, are the network of amazing women behind them. When I think back to the first years of NOTHS and now Holly & Co, I am kept up and flying thanks to those around me. The friends who have crazy What’s App group titles, who I can share how I’m really feeling. The non brave version of myself. To those who I work with everyday – my work family. The women who text late on a Friday night, to tell me, that in the middle of their ‘out out’ night, they’ve cracked an issue that we’ve been stressed about. Or those, who suggest a Sunday meeting, as they know how terrible my diary is. To those who will just fling their arms around me, without asking me to explain my ‘I have the weight of the world’ face. If I didn’t have these women acting as my scaffolding of love, I literally wouldn’t be where and who I am today. They are the wind, the sun, the air that fly in, helping me realise my dreams.

When I saw this card by the amazing @emilymcdowell_, I just knew that we had to sell it in the @hollyandcoworkshop to help us celebrate our month of women. (Not least because I wanted to buy 10 of them!) If you’ve got a heroine you need to thank, show them how much they mean to you and send them this  Why not give them a shout out now and tell the world, who helps you, be you.

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