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Small business emotions

Running your own business is not for the emotionally faint hearted. You’ve got to be prepared for nearly everything and expect mostly nothing. Be ready for extreme highs, followed with dramatic lows and barely anything in-between! Below – inside the head of a small, emotive business:

  • Extreme Highs – They aren’t just high, I can touch the clouds and often come about when deal’s have been done, I’ve solved a problem or I’ve nailed an idea!

  • Canyon Lows – Darker than black.Tears very much at the ready and the rollercoaster ride isn’t so fun at this moment. No one understands.

  • Pure Love – My face becomes an emoji when my business behaves, takes its first steps or shows its awesomeness. And, when it comes to teammates caring for this nurtured entity, there’s nothing like it.

  • Utter Hate – I put on my ‘Mother Lion’ cape. Stabbing people in the eyeballs with a fork, seems to be quite reasonable and as for a grudge- it stays FOR LIFE!

  • Tail Waggy Confidence – Cracking something seemingly impossible is pretty much what I do! No one can run this business like me and no one has the energy, or quite frankly, the pure talent! Creativity is my middle name.

  • Hermit Crab Insecurity  I knew I’d always fail and what possibly gave me the idea I could pull this off? Everyone was right when they said, I couldn’t do this or I wouldn’t amount to anything and as 95% of small businesses fail – I bet I will too.

  • Caffeine Awake – There’s nothing you can throw at me that I can’t do. I’m spinning 100 plates right now, and so one more is a breeze. You want me to work on 4 hours sleep, day after day and week after week- child’s play!

  • Dog Tired – I’d give you my dog, my salary and maybe even my child, if you could transport me this second into bed and made me sleep 10 hours solid. If you don’t, I think I’ll collapse in the next 20 seconds!

Small business is no doubt, a soap opera of emotions. It’s so exhausting, that like child birth, you can’t really describe it. But, also just like creating life – you’ll never look back.


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