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Small is mighty

Little Olive popped by the Work/Shop the other day, and she picked up a mini flag for a mini demonstration! Here she is telling the world that small is mighty! ?? There are other times when she really shows us that too!! ?

When I look at our children, it makes me so hopeful for the future. Here are these tiny humans bursting with creativity, optimism and potential ?. If we can raise them to stay colourful, then the world might just be a better place.

It’s so important, if we do believe in the power of small, then we show them why. Take them to the butchers, the bakers and the green grocers. Ask them to ask the shopkeeper questions, help them build that relationship. Similarly, take them to art exhibitions, local fairs and get them interacting with the creators. I am afraid, that if we are getting faster and faster and more willing to except the ‘Amazon-utilitarianism’, so will they.

Harry now expects he can ask for something he needs, and it will arrive tomorrow. Now, he knows that we’d only buy an urgent protractor this way and never would dream a gift or something special would come this way, but is he one of a few? I fear he might be. It’s not their fault. We have to take responsibility for showing them why small is magical.

It’s why I love our work/shop so much, because as you walk in at the atmosphere, the vibe is different. Creative and full of uniqueness. When you tell people and little ones about the stories, they hopefully subconsciously know that the happiness they’re feeling, is because of ‘small’.

Let’s not be asleep at the wheel. Let’s get the young out there to experience, first hand, why creativity, hard work, magic and ‘small’, is something they need to value.

I leave you now, if with nothing else, the latest fashion trends – here Olive & I are twinning in mustard! ? Happy Sunday X

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