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Small steps, to bring lasting change

In the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day, she made one point very clear and it made me smile when I heard her say “It is often the small steps, not the giant leaps that bring about the most lasting change”.

It’s a message I’ve always believed but really began to speak more about here on Instagram last year, when we had the Work/Shop theme based around small businesses changing the world as we began our own B Corp journey. Which I’m so so glad we did and cannot wait to share more on this year!

I have the privilege of seeing and hearing from so many small businesses who are using their business for good. Whether it’s donating a percentage of profits to charity, collaborating with charities on exclusive products, not using any plastic in their packaging, amazing community initiatives or so many more amazing ways I’ve seen – I truly believe that #smallchangestheworld and this community has the heart and power to make a lasting impact.

I’d love to know who you follow and shop from that is on a mission to good in the world? Give them a shout out and tag them below! I want to highlight these businesses in a special way throughout the year and would love to know, all who you know!

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