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Smelling the roses, again

‘Smelling the roses’ is something I often think and write about, and sorry if you’ve already got the message! I capture these thoughts as a form of therapy, as much as I hope it might help someone out there.

When I look back at the end of the week, I’ve been blessed more than words can describe. I’ve watched my team go through (in anyone’s standards) a tough week and seen the glue this time has created. The power of when a team ‘bonds’. It’s actually an honour to watch this happen and is particularly hard to describe. It’s as if sparks come off them when they chat, plan and build. Like something magical is happening. For each one, the journey of Holly & Co means different things. I know their reasons are deep, and therefore, I’m watching people digging deep.

I’m working with external teams, who feel like extension of the family. I’m able to re invigorate something I’ve always believed in. Suppliers, agencies and actually all third parties, if treated properly, will be there for you when you need them most. Not because they’re in or out of contract, just because they want to move heaven and earth, to help you. I’ve always done this and it’s great to do it again. These teams, not only will bust a gut to do their best work, but it shows that it matters to them as people. Remember they’re all human, who have feelings and can be motivated or demotivated. I hope I work with them all for the foreseeable future.

And last but not least – the power of vision. What I’m feeling most lucky about, is having this image engraved into my thoughts. It will not go away for love nor money. I wake, it’s there; I go to sleep it’s there. It fuels my ambition and energy all day long and it seems to become more beautiful (and terrifying) as things get nearer to launch. I hold it dear, like my best friend or child and know, not everyone is blessed with having one at the moment. I recommend searching for it, as once it’s with you, it becomes an invincible superhero cape – able to do almost anything and everything.

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