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Smelling the roses

Captured a moment on my Sunday morning stroll. It wasn’t meant to be a pic of any importance, but somehow it’s become one. For today, I am so glad I am where I am. It comes in waves still, but today I wouldn’t have it any other way. For today is the official day that Holly & Co was launched last year and I can’t quite believe it. Going into our birthday week, I realise I need to take a moment and look back at what we’ve achieved.

I’m known to be open about how I didn’t smell the roses whilst building NOTHS and I’m determined to not make the same mistake. So, what am I grateful for? I have a team like no other – so committed to me and the cause. Each one of them, brings such a vital part of DNA to what we’re building. I get to work and love two crazy creative geniuses who I’m fortunate to call my co founders. I get to have a shop, where I’m actually with my customers, dreamers, dabblers and doers – everyday. I’m luckily enough to get asked to speak at events, where I try and inspire, but always I’m the one who comes away full of inspiration. I’m allowed to share what I really think, what I really feel with THIS community – who have been the wind beneath mine and Holly & Co’s wings. My inner strength comes from you all.

And finally, I get to dream, listen and build something of meaning. I get to go on a journey, never travelled and do something amazing. I have no doubt that’s where we are heading and I just can’t wait to magic up our future. Not like before, I know there’s no destination and so just with this knowledge, I get to be fortunate enough to know that I must absorb the goodness out of each day. 
So, with my hands being held by these two; the ones who’ve picked me up off the floor so many times, with my birthday week ahead of me, with my health, with the love I feel so deeply from all those around me – I walked with my head held high. I walked full. Thank you everyone, for everything X 

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