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Keeping up with Twitter

Whether you’re a frequent user, a casual observer or an abstainer – to tweet or not to tweet, that’s the question! Put on your walking boots, because we’re back to traversing the social media landscape together.

With over 313 million users globally and 6,000 tweets sent every second,Twitter is an important marketing tool in any small business’ arsenal. The average user has 208 followers and follows 5 businesses on the platform, with 80% of people mentioning brands. Let’s see how Twitter could help you:

  • Marketing – Put simply, Twitter is a powerful (and free!) marketing tool to help you promote your business to new audiences. 54% of users surveyed took action after seeing a brand in their Twitter feed. Use Twitter to stand out, go after those precious retweets and start increasing brand awareness.
  • Customer service – Your customers are talking, are you listening? The last two years have seen over double the amount of customer service (CS) conversations on Twitter. With 80% of users tweeting on mobile, use Twitter to engage with current and potential customers. Businesses using Twitter for CS have seen a 19% lift in customer satisfaction, and we all love a happy customer!
  • Engage – Collecting followers is good, but conversing with them is great. Show your audience that there are people behind the products. Sharing quality content that’s relevant to your followers will lead to higher engagement. Remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint, it may take time to find out what works for you and your followers, but keep going! 76% of consumers are likely to recommend a brand if they’ve experienced friendly service.
  • Hashtags – Think of hashtags as windows into larger conversations. Do some research and see what the influencers in your industry are talking about, what #s they’re using and get involved. Go one step further and create your own, but remember to keep them simple!
  • Data – We’ve touched on this a few times, but the detail is always in the data. Twitter has a comprehensive in-built analytics dashboard, allowing you to monitor the performance of your tweets at a glance.

I hope these points help you at all stages of your respective Twitter journeys. Tweet tweet!

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