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Spring Clean

We all know it, but let’s just remind ourselves – where you work has enormous impact on how you work. It impacts hugely on your ability to focus, stay focused and overall productivity everyday. According to studies, the most significant factor in determining everyone’s ability to focus is their physical environment – it can increase productivity by 20%! A few tips:

  • Light, Table & Chairs: Light is one of the most ‘motivating’ factors you can change. Get as much daylight in and invest in lots of good funky bright lights. While you’re at it, invest in chairs. IKEA chair are fine to start, but try investing in a few good chairs each year. Certainly one for yourself, seeing as you’ll be in it the longest!

  • Clutter, Colour & Culture: First week back- take ½ a day and have a HUGE clear out. Every draw and file- anything not needed must go. Now you can see more of the walls, bite the bullet and paint colour onto your walls. Colour affects our moods and brain function. Blue for instance is said to illicit productivity. Research what other colours do. Now with amazing walls, hang some culture. Blow up incredible shots from your travels, images of historic figures in your industry. Hang things that make people stop and think.

  • Smells: Religiously each day I put my diffuser on and add drops of Neal’s Yards ‘Female Balance’. I’m very influenced by smells and so invest in good room sprays too. I know the power of provoking the scenes. Research what scents, do what.

  • Air, Food and Water: Air quality is serious business and costs employers vast £ due to inefficiency and sick leave. So open windows, doors and install an air filter or get portable ones to keep near your desk. Buy plants. Now you’re breathing clearly, how about consuming well? Try installing a water cooler (as little as £3 a week!) and a weekly delivery of fresh fruit for the office fruit bowl (from £7.50 a week).

You can make big or little changes but just promise yourself to make ‘change’. You won’t regret it!

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