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Stars can’t shine without darkness

Although I’m the eternal optimist, I still have my dark days. Days and sometimes weeks, where I feel lost. Not centered and not able to find my anchor. Not able to swing my legs out of bed, as they feel like I’m wearing shoes weighted with worry.

The moment one sits on the side of the bed, in the dark and within the silence; praying to be told to go back to sleep for the day.

Mental darkness is something I know we all suffer from, as it’s a natural human state of mind, but I also know, some of us suffer more than our fair share.

For those of us who travel through what seems a like universe of darkness, however hard it is, we know, deep within that there’s a moment where light shines again. The smallest glimmer, the tiniest flicker, but we see it. As the days go on, the frequency increases and the once intensity of nothing, seems to be broken, like a night sky supporting a few flickering diamonds.

When I travel through this experience, I have to hold on to the ‘stars’. The moments that show you the goodness is connected. That just like when you sometimes look up at the night sky and see nothing, it doesn’t mean our roof is not littered with billions of stars, it is.

So today, I dedicate this post to anyone travelling through days under the night sky. Remember you are not alone and take comfort, it will pass – soon.

Stars can’t shine without darkness.

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