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Start A Business Month

I’m so proud we’ve started a month dedicated to the most wonderful moment – when you decide to start a business #startabusinessmonth is here to create a needed ‘reason’ when you’re thinking of every reason ‘why not’, to be the needed kick, that makes you take the plunge.

I couldn’t quite believe it yesterday when I saw that Trump did this whole ‘grand’ announcement on a week and specific day they’d honour and celebrate small business.
Not a fan, but I couldn’t have put it better myself – “We celebrate the pioneering spirit, creativity, and determination upon which America has always been built. This undaunted conviction drives our entrepreneurs and small business owners, whose hard work and perseverance give our Nation economic strength. Their initiative, combined with the greatest workforce in the world, is enabling us to convert the unlimited potential of America into great wealth and prosperity.” As our government seems to be distracted I’m determined to make sure that those who want to start a business, and the amazing entrepreneurs and small businesses who are already doing it, feel supported! Feel utterly pumped full of inspiration, ready for the rollercoaster of building colourful business.

Even though I’m only one person, with a small team – we’re working night and day to bring this community of ‘dreamers, dabblers and doers’ a different landscape to grow and nurture dreams.  From shops to podcasts, podcast lives (eeekkk, first one tonight in London!), to the Congregation of Inspiration, products to this very Instagram account, where I share advice and inspiration every day.  And to starting movements like #startabusinessmonth – I’m doing all I can to make sure that, however I can, I can be your cheer-leader! Much love to you all!

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