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Start Where You Are

Whenever we’re about to start something new, be it a diet, fitness regime, a new way or working or even a new business, the best time to start is always tomorrow, next week, after a big event has happened, or even next year, because you just know 2018 is going to be ‘your year’. But why do we put these restrictions on ourselves? Is it the fear of getting started? The uncertainty, hard work or time pressures that are holding us back? I’ve talked about this before, because it’s something I remind myself of daily – on average, we only have 28,000 days on this planet. Every day that passes is one we can’t get back, or re-do (even if we wish we could). Remembering this has made me more focused on the things I do each day – what are my goals, what do I want to achieve, what am I working towards, overall?

Whatever it is that you want to begin, start where you are. Don’t overthink it. Just take the moment and move forward in whatever it is you are going to begin. You don’t have to tell people or announce it. But just don’t waste precious time. It’s all yours for the taking XX 


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