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Start Your Small Business Today

One of the most frequently asked questions I have is “When is the right time to start a business?” And do you know what I say….”Now, right this moment!” Because, a little like having a child, there’s no ‘right’ time! You just have to take the leap of faith now – right now!
Let’s face it… it’s not like an entire empire literally materialises around you the moment you announce that you’re starting your own business, like something in a science fiction movie! So that means you don’t have to worry that your ‘beginning’ is a public mater, then why not just say “I’ve started a business!” Just do one small thing to signify that start – buy a URL, create a Gmail account, buy the notebook, start scribbling away, call your loved ones to tell them… whatever it is, just do something to show yourself that you’ve made a forward move and let that be the first stepping stone to building your new business – CONGRATULATIONS!

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