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Stay Positive

Whatever happens, all we have is our mindset. As an eternal optimist, some might assume that positivity comes easily to me. Well, it’s not. It’s a constant battle, to keep looking at things with a certain filter. But, as far as I’m concerned, I can use my energy to fuel ‘darkness’, or I can strive hard and push to see things with ‘light’. If things are not going to work out, if I am to feel pain – then that’s what will happen. But, I will strive to keep my head above the water and not be dragged down. Even in some of my most darkest moments, I knew somehow – I’d be okay. Be it the love I have around me or the fact that I knew, I’d self help and try and start to see silver linings. It took time, but it happened. Light starts to beam through the clouds.

Each day, I try to help others who see things pessimistically, to try and see why it’s such a waste of life. That we shouldn’t build the power of negativity. When you run your own business, you can feel like the world is against you at times – but life doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t literally queue shit, to rain down on you. Each moment, incident and scenario is unique. So if that is the case, don’t get into a slump, don’t allow things to build up. When you have to go through ‘it’, deal with it and move on. Get yourself back to a positive place as soon as you can. You’ll then see, that all this positivity you pump out there, will in some way, come straight back to you X

Beautiful paper flower wreath created by @gracedchin

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