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Staying on Track

Efficient days can go out the window (very easily!) especially as the summer heats up. I thought I’d share a few tips to improve your productivity during these warmer months:

  • Is your business seasonal? I know so many that are, and for those businesses the summer is the time to prepare for Xmas. For many, it will not be when you sell the most. Can you make the week more productive and take the Friday off? Is this the only time of year you can? A treat for working for yourself?
  • Plan around the weather. Look at the calendar before heat waves kicks in, and take that day off? Allowing yourself to smell the roses on glorious days. Plan meetings in town when it is cooler or raining. Is it ever going to rain again!? Heat might fatigue you by midday, block time to take a long lunch and rest before tackling the afternoon’s tasks.
  • Manage family expectations! Sit down and tell all involved what you have to balance. Let people know your working hours. Being prepared is the only way when managing the summer, so I have an A3 plan of July and August up on the kitchen wall. I’ve blown up the calendar and have written each day the plan for Harry, the family and myself. Book clubs, courses and playdates around your work commitments. It’s a great time for kids to learn something new. Harry is learning tennis, boxing and coding.
  • Aim for shorter, more productive days. In the winter, it’s easier to start shutting down work tasks when you see the sun go down around 5 pm. But when the sunlight stretches on toward 9 pm, you might catch yourself working well beyond regular business hours. Be strict and focused.
  • Tech is your friend. Want to spend more time outside? Forward emails to your mobile phone, and go for a walk. Put your important people on a VIP list so you can be sure to see their emails come through on your phone. And then take a moment to listen to a podcast and inspire yourself.
  • Shorter to-do lists. Are you ever accomplishing a fraction of that list? Or are you setting your expectations too high? The lazy days of summer can be a reminder to slow down and take it one task at a time. Challenge yourself to make a shorter, more focused to-do list. And then just do it!

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